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Outdoor Accents Product Line from Simpson Strong-Tie®

outdoor accents products are great for giving that finished look

Decorative Outdoor Accents are the best solution when it comes to building a strong and long-lasting outdoor structure with a polished look that is sure to stand out.

Whether you are building a pergola, gazebo, deck, or just need some attractive and long-lasting accent hardware, Simpson Strong Tie’s® Outdoor Accents has been a trusted choice for years.

Read on to learn about the different products in the Outdoor Accents line and why they are an ideal choice for your next outdoor construction project.

using Simpson outdoor accents to make something
The Outdoor Accents product line has numerous applications.

Visually appealing

how to install hex washer heads from Simpson
Installing the decorative hex washer heads is as simple as screwing in a screw.

Most folks are drawn to this line of outdoor accents due to their appealing ornamental look. The black powder coated finish adds a nice finishing touch to a structure and looks especially good when applied to stained lumber. The dark industrial look of the decorative beam straps or pergola brackets compliments the lumber and creates a clean and modern look.

Also, Outdoor Accents hex washer heads provide the decorative appearance of a bolt, with the installation ease of a regular screw.


Strong and durable

ornamental post bases have a 1 inch standoff

It doesn’t matter how pretty it looks if it doesn’t provide structural integrity and long-lasting life. That’s why the entire line of Outdoor Accents hardware is tested and coded to withstand heavy wind and seismic loads.

In addition, the patented ZMAX galvanized steel, underneath the black powder-coated finish, adds a high-level of corrosion protection.

Each piece of hardware is optimized for strength and durability. For example, the black post bases sit at a 1″ stand-off height to help reduce decay.


Full line of Outdoor Accent Hardware

full line of simpson outdoor accents

Decorative joist hangers, beam hangers, beam straps, metal corner brackets, and more. Simpson’s line of outdoor accents includes a variety of hardware to fit your specific project needs. You can purchase all of the following online at

Strap Ties

Decorative beam straps are available in both “T” and “L” shapes and provide reinforced strength for connection points that intersect at a 90-degree angle. Made of 12-gauge steel, these lumber straps are designed for use with 4x or larger lumber.

Connecting Plates

Decorative gable plates are designed to go between a wood beam and three angled wood braces. They are available in three sizes: 6:12 pitch, 8:12 pitch, and 12:12 pitch.

Joist Hangers

Decorative joist hangers are available in various sizes, so it’s important to purchase carefully. The concealed flange style on these black joist hangers provides a cleaner and more finished look. Available in the following rough cut and dimensional sizes: 2×4, 2×6, 2×10, 4×6, and 6×10.

Post Bases

Outdoor Accent ornamental post bases help to secure the wood columns of your structure to concrete. As mentioned earlier, they provide a 1″ standoff height that helps reduce lumber decay. Depending on the model you purchase, these black post bases can support columns as small as 4×4 and as large as 10×10.


Ornamental angles, also known as “decorative metal corner brackets” support the integrity of outdoor structures in a couple different ways. Not only do they make connections between beams and posts stronger, they also cause the corners of your structure to be more straight and consistent on all sides.

Screws and Decorative Washers

simpson strong tie powder coated screw and decorative washer
These decorative screws require no pre-drilling

Fasteners Plus offers the proper decorative screws and washers needed to complete your project and minimize installation time. These screws do not require pre-drilling, they can easily be driven straight into the wood. When these screws are combined with Simpson’s patent-pending hex head washers, you get the decorative appearance of a bolt.


Custom Outdoor Accent Parts

Don’t find the specific part you need on the Fasteners Plus website? Let us know. We are able to work directly with Simpson to source custom parts and special request items. Let us do the work of finding that missing part for you by contacting us at 888-794-1590 or emailing us at

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